3 Best Guitar Amp and Effects Software in 2017

Guitar amp and effects software has come a long, long ways and presents many advantages over it’s analog counterparts. The main advantage of using amp and effects software is that it is much less expensive then purchasing separate amps and effects pedals, and you can use the software to get an idea of which analog versions you would like to purchase.

Also, you can record your sound without having to be concerned with microphones, room acoustics, and outside noise.

Last but not least, some companies have released free versions of their amp and effects software. This is how I got hooked; I downloaded the free version of Guitar Rig Pro 5 and couldn’t stop playing it.

Guitar Rig Pro 5

Video courtesy of Native Instruments

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Native Instrument’s Guitar Rig Pro 5 is a solid guitar amp and effects software package that is jam packed with options. In my opinion, they have the best free version because you have full access to the software for 30 minutes at a time. I was instantly hooked after playing through some of the artist presets.

AmpliTube 4

Video courtesy of ikmultimedia

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AmpliTube 4 is far more comprehensive than Guitar Rig Pro 5, but their free version is structured differently. Ik Multimedia will allow you to download the AmpliTube Custom Shop. This gives you access to a handful of basic amp and effects software, but you will have to buy the rest piece by piece.

Bias FX

Video courtesy of Positive Grid

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Bias FX feels a lot like AmpliTube to me, but with a better interface. It’s up to you to decide which is the better guitar amp and effects software. My suggestion is to download their free demo and give Bias FX a try before purchasing a full version of the software.

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