3 Best Beginner Electric Guitar Packages

An electric guitar package is the best option for getting into guitar quickly. There is no need to track down all the items you need to begin playing guitar; any of the options below will have you playing straight out of the box. But which electric guitar package is the best? Really that depends on you and what style of music you like. Read on to find all the information you need in order to purchase the best beginner electric guitar package for your style.

Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Package

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This is the exact electric guitar package that I purchased when I began playing guitar. I had no complaints then, and I don’t now; it has been years and I still own and play this guitar.

The guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul Special II. Gibson outsourced their less expensive models to Epiphone, but don’t let that worry you, this is a high quality guitar. Humbucker pickups means that it has a warmer sound that is suited best for hard rock and dirty blues.

The package also comes with everything you need to begin playing straight out of the box including a small 10-watt amp that is perfect for practicing guitar in your bedroom. A clip-on tuner is extremely useful for the beginner that has not yet trained their ear for tuning. Epiphone threw in some picks, a guitar strap, and a cable. The gig bag that comes with Epiphone’s electric guitar package will help you carry your guitar, but offers almost no protection.

Squier by Fender “Stop Dreaming, Start Playing,” Set

Best Beginner Electric Guitar Package
Squier by Fender “Stop Dreaming, Start Playing” Set

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Fender vs Gibson, the battle rages on. The Squier Strat differs from the Epiphone Les Paul in a few key ways that you should consider.

First, the fret board radius is smaller. This means that if you have smaller hands, then it will be easier for you to play chords, especially barre chords where you need to hold down all of the strings with one finger.

Second, the Squier Strat has three single coil pickups instead of the two humbucker pickups on the Epiphone Les Paul. This means that the tone of the guitar will be brighter, but thinner sounding. Because of this, many owners of Squier Strats quickly look to upgrade the pickups.

Finally, some models of the Squier Strat come with a tremolo bar (whammy bar). This is very important to note because it not only changes the functionality of the guitar, but also complicates the way it needs to be strung.

Yamaha Gigmaker Electric Guitar Package

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Yamaha’s Gigmaker electric guitar package is for those who are looking for something in between the Epiphone Les Paul and the Squier Strat.

The PAC012 has one humbucker pickup and two single coil pickups. Using the pickup selector, you can switch between the sound of the beefy humbucker and the brighter single coil pickups. If you are not sure of the type of music that you would like to play, or if you just want to play it all, then this guitar’s versatility should be highly appealing to you.

Also, Yamaha’s Gigmaker electric guitar package comes with a 15 watt amp as opposed the 10 watt amps of the other two. This means that the amp has more power behind it, and it is capable of higher volumes.

Please note: None of these guitars will sound good until you have them setup at your local shop. The shop will adjust the action (string height), the intonation, check it for damage, restring it, and check the overall quality of your instrument to make sure it is playable.

Also, these electric guitar packages are very inexpensive, but in my opinion they are the best option for somebody who is a complete beginner. If you fall in love with playing the guitar then it was money well spent, and I would urge you to check out my other article, “3 Best Electric Guitars for $500 in 2017” when you are ready to upgrade. On the other hand, if the guitar does nothing but gather dust, then you aren’t out much money.


7 Inexpensive Guitar Gadgets You May Not Know About

Guitar Triller

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You hold the Guitar Triller in your picking hand and play by bouncing it off the strings. If you are bored with your playing or just want something new to try, then I highly encourage you to check this guitar gadget out because it creates a very unique sound and play style that many have not seen.

Eargasm Earplugs

Eargasm Earplugs Guitar Gadget
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Eargasm Earplugs differ from traditional earplugs by lowering the amount of decibels you are exposed to without compromising sound quality. This means that you can go to the next concert or gig, enjoy the music, come home, and still hear yourself think.

D’Addario Guitar Pro-Winder

D'Addario Guitar Pro-Winder Guitar Gadget
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The D’Addario Guitar Pro-Winder is an all-in-one string winder, string cutter and bridge pin puller for unmatched convenience. This is truly the best and quickest string replacement system on the market today.

Ibanez Multi Tool

Ibanez Multi Tool Guitar Gadget
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The Ibanez Multi Tool is another guitar gadget that you should always carry with you in your gig bag. It contains every tool you will need for on the fly repairs, and it comes in an easy-to-see case that is small enough to fit in your pocket.

Wedgie Pick Holder

Wedgie Pick Holder Guitar Gadget
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The Wedgie is a small rubber piece that fits on the part of your strings after the nut. There is space to wedge two picks into the rubber so they will be ready to go when you inevitably drop or break a pick.

Stage Ninja Retractable 26-foot Instrument Cable

Stage Ninja Guitar Gadget
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There are several things that I find great about this guitar gadget. First, the Stage Ninja dispenses and retracts your cable so that it stays neat and won’t kink. Second, It comes in a sturdy carrying case with a handle. Lastly and most importantly, it makes it impossible for somebody to accidentally steal your cable. Throw your band logo on the Stage Ninja, and if you see a stranger walking away with it, then you know it is on purpose.

Planet Waves NS Tri-Action Capo

Planet Waves NS Tri-Action Capo Guitar Gadget

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Most complaints about capos involve the spring, meaning, either the capo has too much tension for their hand to push down the trigger, or the spring has too much/not enough tension to hold down the strings on the guitar. If that sounds like something you’ve said, then this is the guitar gadget for you! The tension in the spring is adjustable and as an added bonus, Planet Waves included a handy pick holder at the bottom of the capo.

A Brand New American-made Gibson for Under $400? Amazon Exclusive Gibson Guitars

Gibson USA 2017 M2 (Melody Maker)

Amazon Exclusive American-made Gibson
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The Gibson M2 is a heck of a guitar for the price, especially if you get it on sale as part of Amazon Promotions. It will come with a picture of the guitar being setup at the Gibson factory along with the fresh from the Gibson factory smell when you unpack it. However, some trade-offs had to be made in order to create an American-made Gibson at this price.

For starters, the paint is thinner than what you would find on a $2,500 Gibson, but I like the color selection, especially the citron green. It also comes in ebony, teal, bright cherry, phantom grey, and strawberry milk.

Also, the body is made of poplar instead of mahogany. There is nothing wrong with poplar, but I think most would agree that traditionally, a Gibson Les Paul is made with a mahogany body, rosewood fretboard, and humbucker pickups.

Speaking of the pickups, they are a bit too hot for me, but that would be a good thing if you are looking to push a lot of distortion or overdrive through it. I would upgrade the pickups to something like a Seymour Duncan Alnico II (Amazon).

I suspect most people who purchase this guitar will use it as a platform for upgrades; it is an inexpensive way to get the authentic Gibson name and not much else. However, if that is your angle, then perhaps you should consider Gibson’s slightly more expensive Amazon exclusive model, the Gibson Les Paul Custom Special (Amazon). That way you get an all mahogany body and already upgraded pickups, and yes, it is also an American-made Gibson.