How to Tell What Gauge the Strings Are on Your Guitar

It’s time to change the strings on your guitar, but you have no idea what gauge they are. What do you do? There are a few ways to approach the problem:

First, if you just bought your guitar and this is the first time you are changing the strings, then you should know that most manufacturers will put a set of 9’s (Amazon) on an electric guitar and a set of 12’s (Amazon) on an acoustic guitar. There is no harm in purchasing a set of strings and seeing if they fit.

Second, you may be asking this question because you are not sure if your electric guitar is strung with a set of 9’s or a set of 10’s. If this is the case, then try buying a single low E string of each set and seeing if one fits. A set of 9’s has a .042 gauge string (Amazon) and a set of 10’s has a .046 gauge string (Amazon).

Finally, if you still are not sure, then purchase a caliper (Amazon) and measure the thickness of your strings with it.

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